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This is a delicious subtle blend, as Keemun tea is the base rather than strongered flavoured black teas. Bergamot is a citrus fruit grown on the Citrus Bergamia tree in Southern Italy, it has a perfumy, citrusy-sweet orange smell and the rind is either pressed to extract the oil, which can then be sprayed over the tea leaves before drying, or the rinds put in amongst the tea leaves whilst drying.

This tea contains the Bergamot rind amongst the tea leaves, to give a more subtle and aromatic taste.

Regular drinking can contribute to improving the PH levels in the mouth, by a potent anti-oxidant called Catechin, which also fights oral infections.

This tea does contain caffeine, so will keep you going throughout the day, but contains much less than coffee. Bergamot has also been shown to lower Cholesterol levels. Beautiful dried blue cornflowers have also been added to this blend to add colour.

Rhino Tea Robust Grey

  • Earl Grey tea (Keemun tea)

    Citrus bergamia (Bergamot)

    Centaurea cyanum (Blue cornflowers)


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