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A sunny infusion of warming colours with a wonderful aromatic orange aroma of sweet orange and Rooibos, which has overtones of light spice that create a warmth and depth to this tea. This is a soothing blend which naturally does not contain caffeine and is low in tanins.

Cinnamon provides a sweet spiceyness whilst Star Anise adds a more pungent character with it's balancing spice.

High in anti-oxidants, with several powerful bioactive compounds that are both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, this tisane can be drunk hot for a truely warming drink or cold in the summer for refreshment.

Tang Tea Tangerine Twist

  • Rooibos (Red bush tea)   Citrus sinensis (Sweet orange pieces)

    Citrus aurantium (Orange oil) Calendula officinalis (Calendula flowers)Carthamus tictorius (Safflower petals) Illicium verum (Star Anise)Cinnamum verum(Cinnamun quills)


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